Uncensor Patch | 無修正 | อันเซ็นเซอร์

Patch Please
*Sample picture , result.

Extract (or Unrar) downloaded patch file and place the "data (folder)" into the game folder.
-* แตกไฟล์ rar แล้วนำโฟลเดอร์ data วางไว้ใน folder เกม

Installation (Sample) :

__ Patch List __

--------------- MINI-SERIES ------------------------

Mini-Series (uncensor patch) : google drive Mirror mediafire

ไทย (Thai patch) (circle's original text):
google drive Mirror mediafire

--------------- Saeko & The Room ---------------
Latest Update Patch for Saeko & The Room : Check Link Update Here!

MILF Next door Saeko & The Room (uncensor patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire

MILF Next door Saeko & The Room (Full Game Saved) : Download !

--------------- Saeko & The Room MOD LIST ---------------------

日本 v0.2 (Japan patch) (circle's translated) : mediafire *updated(29/7/2015)
English (Better English Edition) (M's credit translated) : mediafire *(09/8/2015)*Update!
English (Better English Edition) (unnamed credit translated) : Mega *(29/7/2015)
English (English patch) (circle's translated) : mediafire
ไทย (Thai patch) (circle's original text): mediafire


Ami In The Cage (uncensor patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire |
Asaki In The Cage (uncensor patch) [HIGH] : depositfiles Mirror mediafire |
Asaki In The Cage (uncensor patch) [Normal] : depositfiles Mirror mediafire |
Ashley In The Cage (uncensor patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire |
Ashley In The Cage (free mode patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire | *NOTE...
Alice & The Room (uncensor patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire
Alice & The Room (free mode patch) : depositfiles Mirror mediafire

-* Please tell me If patch doesn't work. *-

tag : Patch 9gag_meme_picture Ami_in_the_cage Asaki_in_the_cage Ashley_in_the_cage Alice_&_The_Room Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room

Guide & Bug & Update : Saeko & The Room

MILF Next Door - Saeko & The Room (updated : 02d.04m.2016y )
*Please replace the updated files to the original (Do not just extact the zip and done , You need to 'REPLACE' the files from the updated files.
Update 02.04.2016 (H-scene3) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/lwsvxc92psx7dc6
Update 03.08.2015 (H-scenes Only): http://www.mediafire.com/download/25bpr957xyqueel
Update 04.08.2015 (minigame Only): http://www.mediafire.com/download/7bqyb8s8v6768k4
Update (13-18).12.2015 (H-scene4&2 re-edit Only): http://www.mediafire.com/download/m8eckutomcs9ehf
-- Updated detail
-* Re-edit man parameter for H-scene3 (Manual Mode , Oral R*pe scene)
-* Fixed SFX when twice came inside for H-scene2.
-* Re-edit girl parameter for H-scene4 / Fixed girl get orgasms on 'R*pe-Dislike'
-* Fixed Camera disappear If you picked it up but game is over before the checkpoint .
*- Fixed man parameter ( H-scene 3 , Oral scene)
*- Edited heroine can cums even the protagonist came twice / heroine got pregnant.
*- Edited (for some emotion) heroine can cums when having sex in the anal way.

Walkthrough & Full Game Saved
* Please try to play by yourself first before you going to watch these walkthrough. :)
[Click to Show]

[Bug List/Fixing/Next update list]

2. > Bug BJ,
> "shoot" at her face 1 time.
> Second time shoot again at her face without "Clean" Blue bar reset to zero.
> Blue bar doesnt move any more and no more action can be done with girl.
(latest update : 02/08/2015)
* I tested.... but I got no bug with every emotion T_T".... I can shoot all 2+ times.
* Just Maybe...If you're meaning of PLEASURE stage, Try to press 'Manual' and then 'Oral' once before you press the Cum button.... please tell me for any news.

3.1 > I can't stop laughing
> It is so frightening
> http://chuantu.biz/t2/11/1438510006x1822613825.png
> http://chuantu.biz/t2/11/1438510065x1822613825.png
> http://chuantu.biz/t2/11/1438510171x1822613825.png
> I just cum in Anu*
> It's r*pe horny I think
3.2 > Got to 'normal end'
> blowjob scene, speed 1 and then 2
> Vaginal sex 1x, male come outside at speed 1
> Vaginal sex 1x, female come at speed 2
> switch position to anal, set speed to 2
> Anal sex 1x, male come inside
> [Pull Out]
> The females head and arms separated from her body, rising upwards
> Head and arms were followed by her breasts and upper torso.
> Legs rose about halfway off of male gender, and then stayed there.
(latest update : 02/08/2015)
*(cowgirl? , or what?)
*( LOL, That So really damn shame for me =///= , I'll fix it soon as possible).
(latest update : 03/08/2015)
*I think it quite randomly happens (or maybe happens when playing in low quality). So, It's really hard to solve this bug...


tag : Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room guides_help_walkthrough

Saeko & The Room Released

Saeko & The Room Released on Japan & English site Now!

Also,If you noticed any annoyance bug , You can tell me at the 'TELL BOX' page :)
For more of the preview : MILF Next Door - Saeko & The Room Preview

Hope you have fun !
and Thank you very much for your supported.

ps.Oh! don't forget these patch/mod too : http://niicri.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-11.html
Patch PleaseUntitled-1_20150729160749a9a.jpg


tag : Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room product_released

Bad news , Saeko & The MacOs' app got a problem.

Bad news guys.. Dlsite found some problem and e-mail to tell about Japan script on MacOs app...
I don't know If Mac users can playable the game with '.swf or html' instead of the MacOs's app or not...

'So,They decided to request me about to remove the MacOs's app from this game...'

Yes, I just decided to remove it.. but!
I thought to remove the Mac app is will not much problem, Since The 5th game has newly function to separate the data files.
So,It will easier to me to update the 'Game Starter' for MacOs users.

So, If can fix this issue, I will upload an update the app for MacOs users to this blog instead.

tag : Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room My_complaints

[ปิดรับแล้ว] ประกาศหาคนช่วยแปลภาษาHgame TH-JP นะครับ


*It's all about invitation of JP-Translator-man from my state.
*I'll translate Game-Text to English by myself before you can edit its as you wish. :)

tag : ongoing_develope Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room

MILF Next Door - Saeko & The RooM

Title Preview 1
Find the way out of Saeko's room! OR Other! XD
หาทางออกจาห้องนี้ ไม่งั้นก็จงสนุก(!?)ซะ! XD

room Preview
Okay.... I shall not Let her "Awake" while "I'm Stuck in this ROOM!!"

[EN] Now you gonna be trapped in the Saeko's room together with her and you need to find the way out of this room or... others. :)
[TH] คราวนี้เราจะเข้าไปติดในห้องของนางเอกคนที่ 5 ของเรา และต้องหาทางออกไปให้ได้..หรือไม่งั้นก็... :}

0013_2.png0021.pngroom Preview 2

"Keep finding the Key Quietly! And Quickly! And Try to Keep Eyes On HER!!"
"หากุญแจซะ ให้เร็ว! และให้เงียบ! และคอยดูเธอไว้เสมอด้วยนะ!"

[EN] The mini-game is not that hard as the Brain-game you've ever played. I just desired the game to that look "Not that hard but time needs". But! ... you will facing some trouble-even for instead. :}
[TH] ตัว mini-game ไม่ได้ยากมาก (กลัวยากแล้วจะอึดอัดเกินไป) แต่ทดแทนด้วยระบบการปลดล็อค/เลื่อนสิ่งของต่างๆ และมีลูกเล่นมากมายในเกมนี้ รวมถึงกับดัก และอุปสรรคบางอย่างในเกมด้วย :)

[EN] Also, The Caress game from Alice's also paste-and-develop to Saeko's too.... Yeah.. That mean, You Need to find the Key! and still need to Caress Saeko in the same time!! O[]o!!!
[TH] แน่นอนว่าเกมนี้ยังคงเอาระบบลูกไล้ของ Alice มาใช้ต่อ และก็ปรับแต่งเพิ่มเล็กน้อย เพื่อให้ตัว mini game มีความสัมพันธ์กับตัวนางเอกมากขึ้นด้วย ซึ่งนั่นหมายความว่า เราต้องคอยหากุญแจไปพร้อมๆกับลูบไล้เธอไปด้วยในเวลาเดียวกัน O[]o!!
Sample Image 1

[EN] The Result of mini-game will unlock Saeko H-position/Emotion(Feeling)/H-Options/etc. So, this time there are no Free mode for this game but game-save only. :)
[TH] ผลลัพธ์การ mini-game จะส่งผลต่อระบบ save และปลด lock option ต่างๆในตัวเกม ฉะนั้น!... ไม่มีระบบ Free-mode อีกแล้วนะจ๊ะ :}

------------- H-Mode -------------

Saeko has more touchable than 4 of previous and also added many newly system too.

- 8 Emotion !
Sure, Saeko came along with 2 Different Emotion Style as Alice's (Pleasure & Rape) but much more of facial expression.
Sample Image 2

- More Animation
> Now the character can breathing , pant , If you make her enough tired.
> Saeko will shake the whole of her body If she getting orgasms.
> Also , Saeko can some movingly on her own.
> More etc.

- More customization
You can change 3 of Time event style freely (but need to unlock first ?_? ).
You can more customize like : Hair , Eyes , BGM (or Background Sound) , Background (as pictures inside the 'Picture folder').
And She got 3 clothes style (Black-blue Teacher , White&Black Teacher and Doujin clothes (Prison school) )

- Help System
Now you will see help-mode that you will get you know about clickable point.
Also , you can disable it if you don't like it.

- Saeko's Text Syetem
Saeko can now speak! (as text) , and she got MANY.
Also , You can edit those words as you wish inside the "Text" folder, You'll see 8 of text flies and 2 more optional.

- Fertilization Mode !
> This is not just an animation , You'll need to toggle to pierce through hers!
> Yes, This event has available on every Saeko's emotions ! ^ w ^ b

Yeah... Let's give her A GIFT ! ^w^ b

Price : $7.84 / 972 JPY


tag : Preview_product Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room

A Teasing update.... Saiko & The Room (Ep3)

A Teasing update....

Saiko Room
This is the part of mini game of Saiko & THE ROOM
( Thinking about copy of Alice's room? ... Sometime The Thing is not what as the eyes saw. :) )

And Not much I can tell by now :[] ....
- all 4 H-scene almost finish by now (only cum-outside shot And a mini couple part remains)
- The mini game of this game is quite "Big" for sure.

PS. Hope I can finish all 4 H-scene in this month.

tag : Milf_next_door_Saeko_&_the_Room ongoing_develope

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