Alice & The Room 1.01.1

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Alice & The Room 1.01.1
- Added Alice's ovulation depends on Alice's emotion (same as Ashley In The Cage function).
- Added Fit-screen Zoom Button (also allow you to scaling the screen by yourself). :)
- fixed a bit button bugs on the H-scene3.

Release Status : Released
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Alice & The Room 1.00.1 (fix bug)


Alice & The Room 1.00.1
- Fixed man genital doesn't visible in X-ray mode.
- Fixed a bit girl eye-blink when Alice get orgasm.

Release Status : Released
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tag : Alice_&_The_Room

Alice & The Room (Guides/Help/Walkthrough)

Alice had 2 condition for sex mode : RAPE | PLEASURE
For the Pleasure mode , You need to turn-her-on by keep caress her to give pleasure.
when you starting caress her :
If the Orange parameter reached to highest , She would be starting awake.
If The Red parameter reached the highest : She shall be wake up!
*- While you keep caressing her and she get orgasms, The red parameter bar will be reset and you can keep caress her which orange bar would going up slowly.


when you gave her enough pleasure, The cloth button should appear and allow you to take her cloths off by click on the button.
aliceWT_02.jpg aliceWT_03.jpg
* When the cloth button appeared , Then you can press "WAKE" button to get her up
or keep caress to reached the highest of any parameters to give her to Pleasure H-scene.

aliceWT_04.jpg aliceWT_05.jpg
When she has enjoin/exciting (She has awaken but didn't get up) ,So you can now go to press "RAPE" to go to the Cow-girl position or keep caress her until she awaken and go to cow-girl position by herself (Pleasure condition).

Cow-girl position : You need to give her "Exciting" or "Enjoin" for at-least, Also you need to taken her virginity And anal too.
after that then change to any position at once, Then you can go to the H-scene4. :)

aliceWT_08.jpg aliceWT_07.jpg

In the H-scene3 : The controller of "RAPE" or "PLEASURE" mode is different.


RAPE MODE: it's similar to control like Ashley.*see
You need to dragg her head down toward to you to force her to having oral sex. :)
aliceWT_11.jpg aliceWT_10.jpg
*Anyway in the RAPE mode you can't press the "Hand Job" and "Oral" buttons.

PLEASURE MODE: unlike the RAPE Mode ,you can't press her head like playing in the RAPE mode, But need to "Tell her" what by press the "STOP" , "HAND JOB" , "ORAL" for instead :)
aliceWT_12.jpg aliceWT_13.jpg
*You can't press the Cum button if the girl isn't do any sex-job, You need to tell her to do any sex-job first, Then you can allow to press the CUM button.
*By tell her to stop or break the making job:
Press the "Auto" button to continue the sex-job.
Press the "Manual" button for take a break or stop.


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Alice & The Room Released

So long DEJAVU loop
and now released :)

Also, Thank you very much for your Purchased and supported. :)
Ps. updated patch list

tag : Alice_&_The_Room product_released

Yeah..... Re-sent 4 time !!!


(╯°□°)╯︵ dıɥsɹosuǝɔ ǝʇısןp

Fixed&Re-sent already 4 time!!! WT****!!

Fixed ,re-sent ,done.
wait for more 2-1x days "OTL

PS.Don't worry, the patch is prepared.

tag : My_complaints Alice_&_The_Room

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