Guide & Bug & Update : Saeko & The Room

MILF Next Door - Saeko & The Room (updated : 02d.04m.2016y )
*Please replace the updated files to the original (Do not just extact the zip and done , You need to 'REPLACE' the files from the updated files.
Update 02.04.2016 (H-scene3) :
Update 03.08.2015 (H-scenes Only):
Update 04.08.2015 (minigame Only):
Update (13-18).12.2015 (H-scene4&2 re-edit Only):
-- Updated detail
-* Re-edit man parameter for H-scene3 (Manual Mode , Oral R*pe scene)
-* Fixed SFX when twice came inside for H-scene2.
-* Re-edit girl parameter for H-scene4 / Fixed girl get orgasms on 'R*pe-Dislike'
-* Fixed Camera disappear If you picked it up but game is over before the checkpoint .
*- Fixed man parameter ( H-scene 3 , Oral scene)
*- Edited heroine can cums even the protagonist came twice / heroine got pregnant.
*- Edited (for some emotion) heroine can cums when having sex in the anal way.

Walkthrough & Full Game Saved
* Please try to play by yourself first before you going to watch these walkthrough. :)
[Click to Show]

[Bug List/Fixing/Next update list]

2. > Bug BJ,
> "shoot" at her face 1 time.
> Second time shoot again at her face without "Clean" Blue bar reset to zero.
> Blue bar doesnt move any more and no more action can be done with girl.
(latest update : 02/08/2015)
* I tested.... but I got no bug with every emotion T_T".... I can shoot all 2+ times.
* Just Maybe...If you're meaning of PLEASURE stage, Try to press 'Manual' and then 'Oral' once before you press the Cum button.... please tell me for any news.

3.1 > I can't stop laughing
> It is so frightening
> I just cum in Anu*
> It's r*pe horny I think
3.2 > Got to 'normal end'
> blowjob scene, speed 1 and then 2
> Vaginal sex 1x, male come outside at speed 1
> Vaginal sex 1x, female come at speed 2
> switch position to anal, set speed to 2
> Anal sex 1x, male come inside
> [Pull Out]
> The females head and arms separated from her body, rising upwards
> Head and arms were followed by her breasts and upper torso.
> Legs rose about halfway off of male gender, and then stayed there.
(latest update : 02/08/2015)
*(cowgirl? , or what?)
*( LOL, That So really damn shame for me =///= , I'll fix it soon as possible).
(latest update : 03/08/2015)
*I think it quite randomly happens (or maybe happens when playing in low quality). So, It's really hard to solve this bug...


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