Ashley In The Cage (Guides/Help/Walkthrough)

First after you start the game ,You be brought into the H-scene 1 : Float carried standard position.

WT-Ashley_0008_Group 2
After that you should press the right side bar (appeared when mouse over)

WT-Ashley_0007_Layer 2

WT-Ashley_0006_Group 3
Head Button will allow Ashley turn her head around

WT-Ashley_0005_Group 4
Strip mode : By Hold right-Click on the clickable points and dragg mouse follow the direction on the picture.

WT-Ashley_0004_Layer 4 WT-Ashley_0003_Group 5
WT-Ashley_0002_Layer 5 WT-Ashley_0001_Group 6

WT-Ashley_0000_Group 1
To change to other H-scene you need to make sure that 'Nothing inserted into Ashley' then grab on the tip top of the chains and Dragg mouse follow the direction.

For the H-scene3 in Oral mode. If you press Man button to showing up and Ashley feeling is 'Angry' she would turn her head to left and you cannot make her giving you oral sex manually , You need to press her head and dragg back into the position then dragg down toward you.
WT-Ashley_0009_01.jpg WT-Ashley_0008_02.jpg
WT-Ashley_0007_03.jpg WT-Ashley_0006_04.jpg
* If she isn't in Angry. She would not turn her head.

When you pressed the Cum Button while oral at the tip for the man genital, You can choose as 3 event : 1 press her head down to make her deep swallowing, 2 wait for ~20 sec She will swallowing by herself
WT-Ashley_0003_07.jpg WT-Ashley_0002_08.jpg
3 is dragg her head up then you can watch her holding the cum in her mouth for mins And you can press her chin to watch her swallowing.

WT-Ashley_0001_09.jpg WT-Ashley_0000_10.jpg
If you can reach her Emotion to "Exciting" or Press the Exciting Button of the Free-mode Bar , Ashley can giving you oral sex by herself if you showing up the man-genital for a mins.

By changing to other H-scene by grab the chains at the left and the right side and dargg on the chains unlike the first H-scene(and H-scene2 too).

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Excited mode?

How do you excite Ashley into the automatic blowjob mode?! I can't figure this out.

Re: Excited mode?

> How do you excite Ashley into the automatic blowjob mode?! I can't figure this out.

- You can do it by go to the Oral-Scene and press 'Excite' at the game-begining.
after that you can follow this guide:

PS. somehow the automatic blowjob mode wouldn't work ,If you already got her some couple sex.

No title

i cant discovery left emotion buttons
just EXIT and quality.

Re: No title

> i cant discovery left emotion buttons
> just EXIT and quality.

Hi ,Sry for the late.
for the left emotion buttons, you need the patch first :


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