Sign of the Next Game/Project : SOURCE-MAN (Working Title)

No More AI-Simulation H-Flash !!.....
But Came to This !......


8[] !!!


3 Char

Oh... You may knew them...? ;)

PS. For more detail, Please wait until the next update ;]

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No title

There's more than one? Neat! Looking forward to it.

No title

Meh, you were doing a really great job at your old work.
So this.. looks kinda disappointing.
Maybe if its just an open world 'Saeko and the Room' with different characters,
then it would be ok, but else than that.. There are many open world pixel games like this out already,
your difference is the high quality drawing and Sex-AI.
But I dont see anything of that here

No title

I'm curious to see how this turns out. The girl on the right looks like C.C. from Code Geass.

No title

I'm curious to see what it's gonna be, i hope it's not just an RPG like the 100000 others out there.
The one in the middle is the vice-president from prison school, right?

No title

I want flag chest,I want loli!

No title

I was hoping that your next game will be like your previous games. I kinda liked the point and lick style in Saeko in the Room. But I guess you want things like this. I just hope the art will be just as great like in Saeko in the Room.

I hope we can see previous Character in the Room, like Saeko and Alice.

I have an idea, where its a point and click mixed with a VN dialog box. (Like, when you meet someone, their character and speech will appear like an VN)

No title

I think I may know them. In this order I think they are Chifuyu from IS, a girl from School Prision (Still not watched the anime nor the manga, but I've seen images of the anime, so yeah) and the last one is CC from Code Geass. (If I got them all...rofl)

Also I'm glad you're not using RPG Maker, since EVERYBODY is using it now and those games are kinda meh in terms of gameplay (Some even don't bother to change the sprites lol).

Cheering on this "Change" of yours in game making, I know I can't be disappointed. Keep the good work ;3
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