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Hi , I'm now on opening/Testing for commission work. :)

[Latest Update : August 2018]

*First , If you're from the 'Patreon' and you been monthly charged for 100$ life supported or over, You will get 1 right for the free re-quest commission (max details on the below) :) .

*If you're not Patreon supporters but you need to order some Commission : On making for Paypal
*Sorry , I'm still on busily with the new project & Patreon commissions.

What I need you to know first , before you gonna ask me for the comission?
- First , I'm not the excellent man who can make the works as what as in your dreams , please understand the limitation of My art skill , Flash control , Time consumption , etc.
- Please make it easily for both of us , Just make it like 'Hey , we gonna do some anime fansub ! only it need to cost 100+$.
Because I don't want too intense by working on this.
- Each commission work will need about 25-40 days to finish.
- more details in the next time...

*This is an early form for the commission everything can be changes by anytime.
*Commission Price and Details is on testing and it may changes by anytime.
* on writing & updating the details.

--------------- TIER 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[For 100$ or more in total] *Simple H/F-scene.
[Sample work] : Sample Link (F-scene)
[Sample work(2)] : N / A

* You can request me to make 1 H/F-scene.
* It would be good if you can type as many details as possible :) .

Character Name : (ex.Matoi Ryuuko)
Character From Series : (ex.KILL LA KILL)
Cloth/Dress : (ex.some sample pictures / link)
Camera Angle : POV only
Type of the Scene : (you can only choose 1 of these) Viginal Sex / Anal Sex / Breast Job / Hand Job / Foot Job /
Girl Emotion : (ex.Hate / Like / Love / )
Strip Mode : No / Yes (Type your strip clothes , max to 2 pieces)
*Ex: 1.the Upper Clothes , 2.the Skirt
*Sometime I will reject some of this request , If I see it's too impossible to do or it's too complex...
Man/2nd Actor : (Shota/Man/Fat/Else) *Not Reccomment to ask for Tentacle. :')
For more/other/additional Details :

Background :
*Recomment you to choose the background place from :
Link : Google Drive Gallery
by tell me which background would you like to let me add it.
*If you would like me to create a newly background , It may charge up around 10$-50$ :')

BGM : (any)

Type of the Publishing commission work : Free Public [OR] 1$ Rewards / 5$ Rewards (For Patreon)
Do you like to be named as a credit in the Patreon post ? : Yes / No

--------------- TIER 2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[+20 additional (120$ or more in total) ] *H-Scene! Tier
[Sample work] : Sample Link (Angel Camera H-scene)
[Sample work] : https://www.patreon.com/posts/commission-work-16039198

Add More Strip-able clothes (like Lingeries / Accessories / etc ).
*Recommend you to not more than 5 - 7 for Strip-able clothes in total.
Since it'll be cause the game LOW FPS.
Add Foreplay Feature like Touching / Licking : Yes / No
Camera Angle : POV / Angel Camera (Please sent me some sample picture).
Man Climax Outside : Yes / No
+ Accept 1 Extra Feature (such as Body color changer , N/A , N/A , )
For more/other/additional Details :

--------------- TIER 3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[+30 additional (150$ or more in total) ] *Highest Tier
As my Maximum job :
(*Before you gonna choose this , Please make sure that we talked to each other first.
* Please keep in your mind that it may cause the game LOW-FPS If it too many pieces in the scenes).
[Sample work] : Patreon Site
[Sample work] : Patreon Site
The Below is for If it possible to do it :

2 Type for the H-mode : ex. P*ssy&A*nal Sex , Oral & Hand Job.
Can be considering for 2 Hair Style ( If it's not too hard for me.. "OTL )
Clothes & Lingeries : You can specific the lingeries style , I'll adapt it in later.
New Medium work for the Background :
+ FREE ADDED : ALL EXTRA FEATURES (Body color changer , N/A , N/A , )
For more/other/additional Details :

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